Thursday, 28 April 2011

'Eye' don't see what all the fuss is about.

My older cousin has recently had huge problems with his eyes, but is far to scared to get the Eye Laser Surgery. I myself was as blind as a bat and often my friends would love to make fun of me that at the age of 27 I could see no better than my 87 year old grand father. So I got the treatment and my vision has never been better.

I have told my cousin that the Laser Eye Treatment is perfectly safe and that he has nothing to worry about for me I experienced no pain or discomfort. Everyone in the clinic that I went to were so friendly and very professorial. I told him the only regret that I have is that I did not get the procedure done sooner as it was simply life changing. I can now play sport with my friends no problems and can actually tell who is talking to me from across the room. My cousin has insisted that he will just use contacts or glasses, but if you have the same problem then you will know as well as me that contact lenses cause irritation to the eye and I feel very self conscious wearing glasses. There is also the constant cost of having to replace them on a regular basis, which this simple Eye Surgery can sort out.  

Just like a fingerprint, each person's vision is 100 percent unique to their eyes, thus with new procedures they are custom to each persons eyes to ensure better results, I had the Personalized Laser Vision Correction done and I could not be happier. The three main things the surgeon will take into consideration when calculating the individual treatment is pupil size, pre-operative higher-order aberrations and corneal thickness. A personalised nomogram to ensure consistency in refractive surgery results has also been developed. It has changed my life and all the scary gross stuff that people worry about should not deter anyone.

You Don't experience pain and you can't see yourself so there is no need to be grossed out by the thought of your eye flap being moved, and besides making the flap only enhances the safety of the procedure. I hope my cousin reads this, yes you know who you are. A simple painless procedure can change your life like it changed mine, no more walking into walls (ok I wasn't that bad), no more not recognizing friends and being able to read without help again, oh the joy. As soon as he decides on the procedure and he will....I'll let you know how it goes. 

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